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Geographic Location

The Municipality of Alabat is located in the Province of Quezon in the southern part of Luzon (Region IV-A). It is a municipality located in the center of Alabat Island – the Municipality of Perez in the northwest and Municipality of Quezon in the southeast; Pacific Ocean in the east and Lamon Bay in the west. (Please see Figure 1 for the location.)

Legal Basis of Creation

The Act No. 956 approved and issued on October 23, 1903 legally created the town of Alabat as a municipality of the Province of Quezon of the Republic of the Philippines.

Town Board Applications

A local government area (LGA) is an administrative division of a country that a local government is responsible for. The size of an LGA varies by country but it is generally a subdivision of a state, province, division, or territory.

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Temporary Sign Permit Application

Traffic signs or road signs are signs erected at the side of or above roads to give instructions or provide information to road users. The earliest signs were simple wooden or stone milestones.

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Residential Parking Permit

Residential zoned parking is a local government practice of designating certain on-street automobile parking spaces for the exclusive use of nearby residents.

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Parking Strategic Plan

Parking is the act of stopping and disengaging a vehicle and leaving it unoccupied. Parking on one or both sides of a road is often permitted, though sometimes with restrictions.

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Fire Marshal Forms

A fire marshal or “Fire Commissioner”, in the United States and Canada, is often a member of a state, provincial or territorial government, but may be part of a building department or a separate department altogether

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Drug & Alcohol Policy

A drug policy is the policy, usually of a government, regarding the control and regulation of drugs considered dangerous, particularly those which are addictive.

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Urban Renewal Plans

Urban planning is a technical and political process concerned with the development and use of land, planning permission, protection and use of the environment, public welfare.

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