Skip the lines, Pay your bills online.

Do you know that you can pay your bills online?

Here’s how it work…

STEP 1 : Go to

STEP 2 : Click / Tap the “Pay Now” button located on the right side of the website.

Or, scan the QR Code using your smartphones camera or via a QR Code scanner app.

Then, you will be redirected to the LandBank LinkBiz Portal

STEP 3 : Choose the type of payment you would like to make, by clicking the dropdown

And then, click or tap the transaction type below:

STEP 4 : Fill up the form,

Choose the Payment options, by clicking the dropdown

And then, click or tap the payment option of your choice below:

STEP 5 : If you choose LandBank, a LandBank Savings Account (ATM) is required.

You will be required to enter your Savings Account No.

Disclaimer : For the protection of your bank account to phishing websites, always check the URL of the website you are using for payment. And make sure it has a LOCK ICON, it means that providing your card information is safe with the website’s security layer feature.

STEP 6 : Complete the following details,

Disclaimer : Forms field may change depends on the transaction type.

STEP 7 : Enter the code you see on your screen on the field,

STEP 8 : Then, click “SUBMIT” to finish your transaction.

STEP 9 :  First, review your details. Before clicking the “Submit” button

For LandBank Payment options, you will need to enter your Pin on the field and enter it using the PIN Pad.

And, do not forget to click the checkbox and then “SUBMIT”


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